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This website was made as a set information on how to be safe

This was made by logan my kik name

Hey, I've wrote this script just for people like you. I understand that you want to hack. Thing is, there is no one click hack tool/script. So, if you want to keep learning, continue. Hacking takes time, curiousity, thinking, and seriousness. Now, continue. Hacking consists of several things.

0x1 Exploits

Exploits are what make hackers go. XSS - Exploits It's what deanonymizes tor users. It's what helps hackers go farther. It's what hacking is for the most part. Not all exploits are breaking code. Some links for exploits are...

[ Exploits can be written in python, bash, or any mainstream language. ]

0x2 Kali

Kali Linux is an OffSec OS. OffSec, Offensive Security, Hacking. Kali offers tons of tools, such as metasploit. Kali can operate as a functional main-os but it's better to not keep it as a main os. It's very unstable, and is a pain to use sometimes. Also, do not add Kali repositories to any other operating system. It will break your other OS. But. Kali Linux is a good operating system for a virtual machine. It's good for hacking. It has tools for...

  • Scanning
  • Exploitation (metasploit, armitage, sqlmap, etc)Password Attacks
  • Wireless Attacks
  • Forensics
  • Social Engineering
  • Web App Annalysis
  • Information Gathering
On top of that, it is decently secure when only using Kali repositories.

0x3 Custom Scripts

Custom scripts/tools are what make you go from skid, no decent hacker. I personally write scripts to encrypt files, and for information gathering and doxing. A custom script can be the difference from a script that almost-just almost works and actually does work because you coded it to fit your needs. Kali might not have everything you need. But, when you can code, you do.

0x4 Cryptography

The big thing. Crypto. Encryption. Ciphers. First off in crypto. You need a vpn. A vpn will hide what you are doing from other hackers, your ISP, and the gov't. The gov't, obviously, doesn't like hackers. They will arrest you if you are caught doing things you shouldn't and you will be put away doing hard time for a long time. You need a vpn that does not log. Logging can include: